New TOEFL iBT courses available! The SAT Jakarta TOEFL course consists of:

24 hours classes

3 full-length practice tests online

small class size (2-3 students)

What is the TOEFL test?

All students who do not use English as their first language need to take the TOEFL test when applying to universities in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries.

What is the TOEFL iBT?

The newest TOEFL iBT (internet based test) is delivered online. Students take the tests in their individual stations at officially designated locations.

What is the format of the TOEFL iBT?

There are 4 sections in the test: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The first 2 sections consist of only multiple choice questions. The speaking section requires students to give short oral representations in response to questions that can be based on a passage or a conversation/lecture (integrated). Likewise, in the writing section, one of the 2 essays is based on a passage and a lecture. Thus students need to combine their reading and listening skills with their writing and speaking skills. The test takes about 4 hours to complete.

I did well on the SAT reading. Do I still need to take a course for TOEFL iBT?

SAT reading is much harder than TOEFL reading, but even if students do well on the SAT reading, they should still familiarize themselves with the listening, speaking and writing sections especially the integrated questions. Although grammar is not tested directly on the TOEFL iBT, knowing the grammar rules tested on the SAT would help with the speaking and writing sections.

How does SAT Jakarta prepare students for the TOEFL iBT?

The SAT Jakarta  TOEFL iBT course offers 24 hours of instruction and  3 online simulated tests, so that students will be well prepared on test day. In the course students will learn how to answer the different types of reading questions, do vocabulary and grammar drills, learn how to take notes effectively, and convey information in a clear and concise manner.

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